Jul 162014

I’ve spent some time with the Leica M240. People have been asking me to share some thoughts on this, so here goes! Good stuff: Rangefinder feels more accurate Live view is surprisingly useful in nailing moving subjects Lovely colour The combination of M 240 and Summicron or Summilux give an intangibly more beautiful image than [...]

May 152014
Hasselblad H3D

I am pumped! Finally I’ve got my hands on some medium format gear thanks to the guys at www.procentre.co.uk. It didn’t take long. I’d been taking some nice pics with the A7r and 135 f1.8, plus with the Nikkor 55 f1.2, lovely rendering with both lenses. But I’ve always wondered why folks splash out on [...]

Nov 222013
Sony A7R Review!

It’s here! The first comprehensive review from London featuring the new Sony A7R along with a load of third party lenses, and LOTS of pictures…scroll down, keep reading, there’s lots here to help you get excited! I’ve been shooting a production model that I purchased with my own hard earned cash. Somehow I managed to [...]

Aug 052013
Nikon D800e Review - Volcano proof?

  Nikon sent shockwaves when it announced a supposed replacement to the d700. Not only with the price increase of the new body, but also with the monster 36mp resolution, some 3x more than the d700. And all this from the company that used to tell us that 12mp was enough and it was better [...]

Mar 032013
Canon 6D - Beautiful picture machine

It probably came as a bit of a shock went canon released a successor to the superb 5d mark 2 and stuck another 50% on the price of the body (and some lenses). The 5D mark 2 was a decent camera although many found the focus system too heavily compromised having changed little from its [...]